The June Luncheon is devoted to sharing our accomplishments during the past year and enjoying each other's company before the summer break. This year one of our Smokey Bear/Woodsey Owl posters won a national award. At the June meeting members are honored with various awards of appreciation for their involvement in club activities.

Our winter and spring tours included visits to the Japanese Garden in Van Nuys, the Malibu Forestry Unit in Calabasas, bus trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens and a tour of a homeowner's garden in Simi Valley. At the May awards meeting we presented three $1000 scholarships, displayed the local Smokey Bear Poster winning posters and presented three Civic Beauty Awards.

Members who have been active in the club for more than 20 years were given certificates of recognition for their service and help in promoting our club's goals.

First Vice President of Programs, Judy Boylan, on the left, presented a gift of a CLCA Life Membership to President, Ilona Buratti for her leadership during the past two years.

The table decor for the luncheon included a program and centerpieces featuring tea cups and teapots with greenry and flowers.

This is a display of the winning entries from our club. We had enough winning entries to earn the Sweepstakes rosette for the most winning entries in our Class IV club.

Our club's Historian displayed the annual Achievement Book with many photos of all the activities and projects our club members worked on this past year.

The new Executive Board members were officially installed in a ceremony created by Joan Campbell, on the right. She gave each Board Member special tools for our Board Members to use in the coming year to "dance through the village and call members to action" such as hula hoops, whistles, bubble blowing pipes, etc.

Winners of the Hat Parade were awarded living plants and certificates for their humor, beauty and unusual hat decorating skills.
After the meeting and awards presentations we all adjourned to enjoy another tasty pot luck dish provided by each member.