Calvert Street School 5th Grade Rose Garden Project

The Calvert Street Elementary School Rose Garden Club has been sponsored by West Valley Garden Club since 1995. The club consists of all 5th grade students who each adopt a rose bush to care for during the school year. Each student is given a "Rose Care Manual" and learns to weed, feed, cultivate, mulch, dead-head and in the winter to prune. They watch a video on rose pruning just prior to the annual rose pruning in January. They survive the bugs and worms and learn the good from the bad. They enjoy their roses by sharing bouquets with the school staff and taking them home, use the petals to make potpourri for gifts and learn to propagate with cuttings at pruning time. Pat Ferrin is the chairman of the project and she and the club members who help are called the "Gardening Angels." They meet with students on Wednesday mornings to work in the garden.

The view of the 5th Grade Rose Garden from Calvert Street.

Each student gets a tag with their name and room number
to attach to their own rose bush.
Students walking into the garden
to choose their own rose.

Pat helping students fill out their card to record rose bush name,
location and dates with type of care given.
Tools provided by the
West Valley Garden Club.

Pat giving instruction for that moning's work. Each student gets personal instructions from a Gardening Angel.

Students see a video and live demonstration of pruning in January. Rose bush before pruning.

Rose bush after pruning. A beautiful, thriving rose bush in the garden.